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Kiran Kumar Kandalai

I had an ambition of studying in USA, which came true with The Access. Always looks for a positive approach even in the toughest situations of students with the expertise and experience is impeccable. The enthusiasm and energy to drive the students in their career path is priceless. I did not know anything when I have written GRE and TOEFL. But , The Access suggested the process in a wise manner. I feel The Access is one stop to get solutions for all queries.

Aishwarya Sankaran

University of California, Irvine.

The help I received at The Access was awesome. Starting with the selection of Universities till the Visa counseling, it has guided me through each and every step. The Access connects easily with students and has lots of experience in this field is very amiable and easy to approach. Personally, I had a lot of apprehension about the entire procedure where The Access has helped me in clearing all my doubts and taking the right decisions at the right time.

Ajay Puri, Janakpuri, New Delhi MBA,

CSU Fullerton, TAMU Commerce (Housing Waiver$2000)

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to The Access, Hyderabad, which helped me throughout the admission process by giving valuable and most experienced advice, which led to my admission into the desirable university. It was always a dream for me to pursue an MBA from USA. But I was totally blank, how to go ahead and precisely where to start from.  Then I got to know about The Access through one of my friend here in Delhi.  And when I contacted her, she took extreme pain and put her utmost efforts to study my case and after examining and seeing my eligibility in all respects got admission to the desirable University.

With bundle of thanks she spent listening to my queries even in awkward hours and updating the status time to me.

Noor Ali

When I approached The Access and met personally, Mrs. Shailaja has counseled me and guided me to choose the career where my aptitude lies. With the complete support and best co-ordination from The Access I was able to decide to do MS in USA. Now I have got I-20’s from the top colleges of USA. This would not have been possible without the esteemed support and service from The Access. Finally, I would like to say that The Access is a destination for students which leads them to the straight path and always turns right.

A.B.Rakesh Kamal

University of Idaho, MS Environmental Technology

The Access has guided me through all the application process, selection of colleges and has kept me motivated so that I don’t lose my zeal thereby dealing in my process. I wish every student has an Advisor like Ms. Shailaja, so that they take the right steps, at the right time, with the guidance and get benefited by valuable advice. I wish the organization much more success.

Shuraih Latifi

MS EE – Portland State University & Texas Arlington

The entire application procedure that everyone has to undergo looks easy… but that is before you do it! When you actually get into it, you come to know it is not a cake walk! But thanks to The Access, I had everything under control. The guidance I got helped me apply at the right time. Now I have an I-20 from one of the best schools from my list!

Sonu George

Goerge Washington University

Choosing to study abroad is like walking through a door to the other side instead of peering through a window. But Ms. Shailaja Subramanyam proved to be just that, a window. I must confess, that without Ms. Shailaja’s prudent and expert advise I would have been clueless about how to pursue my dream of studying abroad. At The Access, they have a clear vision, which underpins all that they do. Ms. Shailaja provided me with her expert guidance in each and every step- planning my GRE and TOEFL tests, deciding which universities to apply to (based on my geographical, fee structure, university ranking and other specifications) in preparing my S.O.P, helping me build a fruitful correspondence with the university authorities etc. In Ms. Shailaja’s approach I felt warmth and friendliness that is truly overwhelming. The day I received a letter from the George Washington University saying that I have been granted admission to pursue M.S. in Computer Engineering, it was clear to see how her knowledge and skills from years of experience taught me valuable lessons and gave me the ability to make the best decisions. I have written this testimonial for all students who dream to pursue higher studies abroad.